What is the Wales Blog Network?

The Wales Blog Network is the authoritative listing for all blogs in Wales.

It’s a free service designed to bring together, and promote the people and places of Wales through a network of blogs. Find out more >

How do I add my blog?

You can add a free listing for your Welsh blog by registering here.

How do I edit my blog listing?

You can edit your blog listing, including deleting it (we’d be sorry to see you go) by visiting your listing page here.

How can I add an avatar to my listing?

You’ll automatically be given a default image, which appears next to your name if you don’t have a WordPress.com account.

However, if you can manually go in and edit the display image here.

How do I add social media profiles to my listing?

You can add links to your social media profiles by manually adding them to your listing or by adding them here.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by logging in and changing your password on the accounts page here.

Do you accept guest blogs?

Yes we do! We’d love to hear your thoughts on a particular topic or story.

You can submit your guest blog by getting in touch via the contact page or by submitting your blog here.

How can I view how many people have viewed my listing?

We’ve recently added a new feature (beta) that allows you to see how many people have visited your blog listing page. You can access the page by logging in and viewing your stats dashboard or by clicking here.

Where can I view my bookmarks?

We’ve recently opened up a new feature that allows you to favourite / bookmark blogs that you love.

To bookmark a blog on the website, just click on the heart icon to save it. You can also add a note too!

All bookmarks that you’ve made can be viewed by logging in and clicking ‘Bookmarks’ here.

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