The third Monday of January is often referred to as ‘Blue Monday’, the most depressing day of the year by all accounts, and it’s usually by now that the resolutions you made at the start of the month are broken.

A recent survey run by The Red Dragon Centre found that 60% of Cardiff residents voted for Pharrell William’s ‘Happy” as the song most likely to put a smile on their face, firmly beating Katy Perry’s ‘Fireworks’ into second place (26%).

As Wales is often referred to as the ‘land of song’, we’ve created our very own happy playlist to turn your Blue Monday frowns upside down.

You can listen along to our Spotify playlist here.
** Songs chosen for their positive rhythm, rather than lyrics **

You are welcome to comment below or tweet @blognetwork with your suggestions and I will add them to the playlist. Thank you.

On a more serious note, Blue Monday is not the only day depression can strike, and our Welsh bloggers have kindly shared their tips to get you through the blues in the blogs below:

Samaritans Cymru:

Mind Infoline

  • 0300 123 3393

C.A.L.L Helpline

  • 0800 132 737

Other international helplines can be found here –