So, you’ve decided to start a family or you’re a new parent already.

There has never been as much uncertainty in your life than having a child or two, or may be three. However, this is what makes being a parent absolutely fantastic!

As a new parent, you won’t be short of advice from those around you… trust me, I’ve been there… I’ve had the t-shirt, the vomit and the dirt nappies that go with it. That’s not advice, that’s the truth!

I don’t need to know what worked 30 years ago, sorry mum, and I don’t need to know how well your child is doing, sorry friends.

What I really need to know is unbiased (as much as you can be) opinions, tips and reviews, so that I can make the decision for myself on what’s best for my child.

This is why when I was a new parent, I loved reading blogs and of course, I still do!

I’ve pulled together a few of my favourite family and parents blogs, so that you can too make your own decision.

  1. Diary of the Evans-Crittens
  2. Two Hearts One Roof
  3. Marketer Mum
  4. Mum of 3 Boys
  5. Coffee, Cake, Kids
  6. Winging It
  7. Twin Mummy and Daddy
  8. Picking Up Toys
  9. DIY Daddy
  10. A Slice of My Life Wales
  11. Munchies and Munchkins
  12. Cardiff Mummy Says
  13. Where Roots and Wings Entwine

If you know of a great family and parenting blog and I’ve missed them from the list, feel free to comment below and share it with the rest of us!