No doubt you’ve heard that Facebook is changing its newsfeed algorithm to only show you content that you’re more likely to engage with.

In the video above, I briefly explain what the changes and what your Facebook newsfeed will look like from now on.

I have included an overview of my key points below too:

It’s still early days, but if you rely upon Facebook for driving traffic to your blog, these changes are going to effect you.

You may find that your organic reach may take a tumble, and if you pay to promote your content, as so many bloggers have started to do, it may get a bit more expensive.

To unravel this, let me explain what Facebook is trying to do…

  1. Facebook wants to show you more content from friends & family and less content from brands
  2. They want to show you content that you are more likely to engage with
  3. They also want to put a stop to fake news

Now, any changes that promote higher quality content and better engagement, I’m all for…

BUT in terms of what that actually looks like…

  • You will see more content from friends and family that seek advice or recommendations
  • You are probably going to see more content from groups
  • However, you’ll see less video…most people consume video passively and therefore may not comment or engage with it. So, unless your video is engaging enough for people to comment… you’ll reach less people
  • News content will also decrease, but you should still see content from important and trusted sources… but again, stories that prompt people to discuss and interact
  • And finally, posts that have longer comments… so, if you’re thinking about engagement-bait tactics and tagging people, you’re in for a shock

How do you think the changes are going to effect you? Let us know in the comments below!