We’re pleased to introduce you to this month’s featured blogger, Rebecca Gwynne of Munchies and Munchkins, whose blog turns 5 this April.

Our blogger interview series will take you behind the scenes of some of the best blogs in Wales to find out what makes them tick.

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Blogger: Rebecca Gwynne (@writingforfun)
Blog Name:
Munchies and Munchkins

URL: www.munchiesandmunchkins.com  

What is your blog about?

Primarily food and travel with a few life and health ramblings thrown in.

When did you first start blogging?

April 2011. My blog will turn 5 this April!

What is your motivation behind blogging?

It started off as a sort of diary and recipe binder and it has just progressed from there. I do now work on commissioned posts with brands  so obviously there is that motivation but really I just like to write ( and cook ) and I try to ensure I keep a good balance of organic content on there as well.

What do you find most challenging about blogging?

Photographs. I am not a natural photographer and I am not the most technical person so that has to be the biggest challenge for me. However I have seen huge improvements in my own images over the past 5 years and I hope that will continue.

What is your top tip for someone looking to start a blog?

To start with you must do it for the love of it. Otherwise it is clear. Forced writing is not enjoyable to read. Working with brands and writing reviews is great fun but don’t start it expecting that to happen in your first month. It will come in time if you work hard and enjoy it.

What is the best thing a blogger can give to its reader?

A bit of themselves. There is a reason why my most popular posts are the ones where I get a little personal. A friend once told me that people like to get to know the writer and that is so true for blog readers. Obviously some people just find my blog on the hunt for recipes, which is great but my regular, long time readers like to know more, see more and feel more of who I am.

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

I work part time in an office in Wales, I am a busy mum and I spend time with my family and friends. I also love travelling, walking, music, watching films and reading – I feel like I am filling out a personals ad! And I cook.. A LOT.




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