Introducing our first welsh blogger interview of 2017, Portia Jones from Pip and the City.

Our blogger interview series will take you behind the scenes of some of the best blogs in Wales to find out what makes them tick.

These interviews provide exclusive insight into the world of blogging and are perfect whether you are a savvy blogger or if you’re new to blogging and looking to start your own.

Blogger: Portia Jones (@pip_says)
Blog Name:
Pip and the City

What is your blog about?

Pip and the City is a Lifestyle and Travel blog, combining my love for adventures, trips, food, drink and pretty things, written in the style of ‘delightful whimsy’. I didn’t want the blog to be too specific as I enjoy lots of different things, so I chose to start a multi themed blog. This means that posts can be anything from a Cocktail masterclass, a travel guide, restaurant review, a guide to glamping or reviewing a 6 kilo turkey

What did you first start blogging?

I started Pip and the City after a few years of writing and guest blogging for other websites and publications. I really wanted a platform for sharing tips on the fantastic places there are in Cardiff, Wales and the wider world. I also wanted to post about places beyond these fair shores given that I travel a fair amount, so after much wine and deliberation I thought it best to start a lifestyle and a travel blog, with the mantra being: Travel. Eat. Write. Repeat in the hope that readers may find my mostly wine fuelled ramblings useful and hopefully entertaining.

What is your motivation behind your blog?

I love to write, I mostly like living out a Sarah Jessica Parker fantasy. Blogging gives me a space to create posts that I am passionate about. It’s always lovely to write for other publications but with blogging you are the master of your own creativity. As a local blogger too I get to review lots of restaurants, menu changes, new venues and cocktail classes with my fellow bloggers, this definitely keeps me keen as I am rather partial to a glass or two of vino. My blog is only a few months old but already has fast growing views and I am having a lot of PR and collaboration requests, which is very exciting.

What do you find most challenging about blogging?

For me, it’s about finding time in a really hectic schedule. My head is bursting with ideas, but I struggle with planning content in and around my life. I work full time and am out most nights reviewing or working on PR collaborations whilst also part time studying and being a kick ass wife to husband Luke. I am trying to be all things to all people at the moment and I need to learn how to focus and prioritise better so I can grow my blog. Oooh that sentence made me sound like an actual grown up, I shall reward myself with sweets.

What is your top tip for someone looking to start a blog?

The hardest part is getting started. If like me your parents let you do performing arts instead of computing at school, setting up your own website can seem daunting. There are thankfully lots of  online tutorials out there, so my advice would be to get stuck in, get started and teach yourself. Your first attempts may not be perfect but you will pick it up and you will learn along the way. The other advice I would give is connect with as many other bloggers as you can. I have been overwhelmed by the friendship and support other local bloggers have given me, don’t be shy, introduce yourself and start talking to fellow bloggers, they are a lovely bunch.

What is the best thing a blogger can give to its reader?

I think to offer them a personal experience, any business can tell you they are the shiz, from travel companies to restaurants and as a blogger you have a chance to offer up your own experiences from your own unique perspective, so you may as well may it entertaining as well as informative. I try to write fun and engaging content with personality. I feel it is important not only to accurately reflect your experiences with a lot of detail but to do so in a way that is also warm and affable to the reader. They need to be you are a person and not a blogger bot churning out bland content, try to have a voice and don’t be afraid to be yourself, your readers will love you for it.

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

I am an aspiring Khalessi and events manger running large scale events, this means blogging has to fit in and around all my other responsibilities as I am also studying for a CIM diploma in digital marketing, I also attend a photography class one night a week and I am trying to teach myself to code. Mostly because I saw a lush ‘Girl coder’ t-shirt and thought, ‘ooo pretty, I want one’.

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