We’ve just launched a What’s App group for the Welsh bloggers community.

A few of us were talking recently about how we can improve the engagement of Welsh bloggers. As you know, we used to try and send out at least one monthly email bulletin, but we feel the process is slow and too formal for what we need. We sent out an email last week, but it was the first one we’ve done since August last year.

We also want to create, not only a two-way dialogue with the Wales Blog Network, but also engagement among bloggers. This is why we felt a What’s App group might work!

A What’s App group is also a little different, it’s pretty instant if people want to get live feedback etc, and I hope it will be a useful tool in organising a meet-up very soon.

There are no rules or guidelines for the group (yet), we’re just going to go with the flow and see if it proves itself to be useful for people.

The group is invite only, so please DM us on Twitter and we’ll send you a link to the group.

Thank you.