A recent survey of Welsh bloggers confirmed that there is no place like home when it comes to blogging.

80% of bloggers indicated that their favourite place to blog from is at home, followed by coffee shops (8%).

Welsh bloggers were equally in favour of blogging on-the-go, on a train or at the office at 4% of respondents.

This is backed up by a worldwide survey of popular blogging locations, which indicated 81.1% of bloggers preferred to blog from home.

This is what else the worldwide survey revealed…

The reasons why bloggers prefer blogging from home:

  • There is tea and cake on tap
  • Plenty of peace and quiet with an endless coffee supply
  • Not having to change out of PJs
  • Needing access to files and photographs on external devices
  • Own space to listen to music
  • A reliable Wifi connection

When Welsh bloggers are out and about, these are some of their top blogging locations:

  • The Brown’s Hotel, Laugharne
  • Coffee Barker, Cardiff
  • Starbucks
  • Veddw House Garden
  • The Pear Tree, Cardiff
  • Waterloo Tea Gardens

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