Google Analytics is an essential bit of kit if you are serious about blogging.

Google Analytics has come along way in recent years, it’s no longer just about how many visitors that you’ve had to your blog (of course it still does this), but it’s about much more than that.

Using Google Analytics, you can now track actions and conversions, and get a whole mountain of data behind it telling you exactly where that person has come from, all the way down to what mobile or tablet device they used to view your blog.

For those of you that blog for a living and for those that are just plain nosey, I’m sure you’d love to know what organisations are viewing your blog. Well, now you can…

Why would you want to know?

Firstly, I’m sure you’ll want to know the type of readership that you have, so that you can get to know your audience even more.

If you promote your blog in anyway on social, PPC or promote in the real world, you’ll want to know if your marketing is working – this is great for that!

Also, If you make money from your blog, these can be potential customers and sponsors that you can follow up with.

How to view organisations in Google Analytics

  1. Start by logging in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Once you’re in, you’ll need to navigate to Audience > Technology > Network.
  3. This will bring up a long list of service providers, basically organisations that have visited your blog. I won’t go into the technical aspect, but organisations over a certain size usually have a named server or network. This is the name that you’ll see.

The majority of the organisation (service provider) names will likely be from Sky, BT, Virgin Media etc. All of the names that I’m sure you know. You’ll have names that you won’t know, but typically any that contain hosting or communications are usually service providers and NOT the organisation of the visitor.

… and that’s it! That’s how to reveal organisations / businesses viewing your blog 🙂