We’re pleased to introduce this month’s featured blogger, Leanne Cornelius.

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Blogger: Leanne Cornelius (@CorneliusBlog)
Blog Name: A Slice of My Life Wales
URL: http://asliceofmylifewales.com

What is your blog about?

A parenting & lifestyle blog written by 30 something year old Leanne based in the South Wales Valleys. Blogging about life as a first time mam and our family life – my motto is ‘if I love it, I blog it’.

A keen photographer documenting her parenting journey – the highs, lows and everything in between.

Expect parenting, food, family travel, interior, cats and more.

When did you first start blogging?

I first started blogging in 2011, I had no idea what I was doing and was absolutely gobsmacked when brands started sending me ‘free’ products from their £1 make-up range to review! I got swept up in all of it and ended up blogging about beauty, which is ironic because I don’t really know a lot about make-up!

I finally found my place in the blogging world in 2014 when I fell pregnant and decided to document my journey. In 2015 I had my blog professionally re-designed and bought my own domain, which is when my blog really started to take off. I’m not sure if it was the swish new design that did it or the adorably cute newborn but something worked and 2017 saw me leaving work and making my blog my career.

What is your motivation behind blogging?

The support, both support that I receive and support that I give. It is amazing that so many other parents relate to what I say. When I’m having a rubbish day my readers let me know that it isn’t just me. When I publish a parenting fail I very often receive messages from other mothers who are so glad to know that it isn’t just them, that everyone fails.

Now that my blog is my career I also have to be motivated by the money, if I’m not motivated we don’t eat, as simple as.

What do you find most challenging about blogging?

It is all consuming. you never really take a break from your blog. I always find myself thinking things like ‘this could make a nice instagram photo’, ‘that could make a good blog post’, ‘that was funny, I’ll tweet it’. It never ends. I never really clock off from work.

I often find that people don’t take me seriously, people refer to me as a stay at home mum and mention that I’m lucky because I don’t work and just get loads of ‘free’ things. It annoys me so much, I actually wrote a blog post explaining that I don’t get freebies http://asliceofmylifewales.com/2016/05/im-blogger-and-i-dont-get-freebies.html/!

What is your top tip for someone looking to start a blog?

This is a difficult one to answer because it really does depend on the end goal. If you are starting a blog with the hope of monetising I would say ignore anyone who tells you that you just need to produce good content and you will grow organically. If you wait for the followers they probably won’t come. Be professional from the start, put yourself all over the internet. Let people know that you are there. Obviously content is key but no one will find it if you sit back and wait.

Get your own domain from the start, sign up to all the various blogging platforms, such as Wales Blog Network 😉, and, instead of waiting for people to find you, find people who will enjoy your content and interact with them – let me know that you are there.

What is the best thing a blogger can give to its reader?

This is another difficult one to answer, people turn to blogs for various things. Some people turn to blogs for inspiration and tutorials. Others turn to blogs for an escape, to step inside a seemingly perfect world. Myself, I look to blogs for real life and honesty. I don’t want to see someone who portrays their life as perfect and in turn makes me feel useless about mine. I want to read blogs that provide advice while making me feel human.

I like a blog to say, do you know what, my house is a tip and my child has twenty million tantrums a day, but I got this, and so have you.

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

Good question, I’m not sure I have a life outside of blogging ha! Once in a blue moon I’ll go out and get steaming drunk with friends, and then spend the entire next day wondering why I did that to myself.

Unless I have an absolute urgent deadline I don’t blog on my days off with Aria, so we usually go for a walk to the park, go meet my mother for lunch, or just play in the house. We go to a regular baby and toddler group and often have playdates.

I absolutely love photography so one of my favourite things to do is head off out for the day as a family to a National Trust place, or somewhere equally as pretty, and take a shed load of photos, which then sit on my computer unedited for around a year before I get a chance to edit them!


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